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Exclusive & Private Label

With an exclusive program, Northpoint acts as the single source of floorplan financing allowing the manufacturer significantly enhanced input relative to program design and management. These exclusive inventory finance offerings may be marketed and managed under the manufacturer name through a captive, private label or virtual joint venture structure.

Manufacturers benefit from dedicated dealer credit lines, avoiding product shipment conflicts and credit line capacity restraints. Custom analytics provide valuable insight into product turn and replenishment needs. Dedicated Northpoint staffing creates a coordinated approach with the manufacturer, deepening dealer relationships and fostering growth. Finally, the dealer benefits from more robust supplier supported terms and greater program flexibility designed around their unique needs.

Northpoint’s capabilities relative to exclusive relationships are supported not only by the experience of the team, but also by its structure. Northpoint offers flexibility that cannot be found in a highly regulated, restrictive bank environment.

The team is highly experienced in program structure, launch, and management with an impressive track record of relationships in a wide variety of industries. We strive to be a partner, committed to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with manufacturers, distributors and dealers.