The programs we create are

designed with flexibility in mind
allowing you to get the answers you need now.

About Northpoint

We believe in providing the best possible service.

Because our team has been working in the distribution finance industry for over 20 years, we offer customers access to decision makers who possess a lifetime of knowledge and expertise. We understand the market and how it impacts your business better than anyone because our people are cross-trained in all areas of our business. This means we can answer with confidence any and all of our customers’ questions.


Average years of industry experience for leadership team


Average years of industry experience for credit team


Average years of industry experience for sales team

We built the technology we use.

We collaborated with our manufacturers and dealers to build the technology we use. This means we can customize and provide information to our customers in a way that is not only convenient, but also expedient. Everything we do, from building state-of-the-art platforms to creating custom solutions, is tailored specifically to your needs.

We believe that your business is unique – your solutions should be too.

Every customer is unique, each with different goals and needs. We understand that your business needs a customized solution that is focused on the details– a solution designed to make your life easier. The only way we can do that is by actively listening to our customers so we can create programs tailored to their individual challenges.

We know if it doesn’t grow your business, it doesn’t work.

We give you solutions in a matter of hours or days– not weeks and months. The programs we create are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to get the answers you need now.

We’re not in the business of wasting valuable time– when you need working capital, we’re on it. We know that you can’t effectively do business without the proper tools.

We believe our customers matter.

Without our customers, we can’t exist. That’s why we make strong business relationships our top priority. When you call Northpoint, someone will be there to pick up the phone– someone who understands your needs and responds quickly.

We believe in respect, loyalty, and getting the job done on your schedule. You can expect straightforward, never over-complicated answers to your questions and concerns. We dare you to find a company that does more, understands you more, and wants more for you than Northpoint. You won’t find it.